A quick update

I’ve been thinking a lot about last Tuesday’s elections, and I’m sure you have, too.

Twenty miles from where I’m sitting now, Trish Gunby won the State House seat vacated by the Chair of the Missouri Republican Party. She won by eight points in suburban turf that Republicans have controlled for decades.

In January, she’ll be joined in Jefferson City by Rasheen Aldridge, who also won a special election to replace Bruce Franks in the statehouse. I first met Rasheen in 2011 as a young worker at a movie theater owned by Bain Capital, managed by then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney. He went on to become the first striking worker in the Fight for $15 in St. Louis, the youngest member of the Governor’s Ferguson Commission. Last Tuesday, he became a state representative in the district next to mine.

Across the Mississippi, voters rejected a governor who stood in the way of Medicaid expansion, attacked workers, and put his party before his people.

And in Virginia, a decade of investment in grassroots organizing and gerrymandering reform flipped the State Senate and State House blue for the first time in 26 years.

We know we can win here in Missouri because (1) it’s happening here and across the country, and (2) we’ve got a plan to do it.

You’ll be hearing a lot more from me and my colleagues in the weeks to come as we share the work, the plans, and introduce you to the people who are winning Missouri back. We want to hear from you, know what excites you, help you spread the word, and help grow this network for allies.

Together, we will win.

Shared Roots Donor Alliance, Director

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